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Friday, November 25, 2016

Comfortable In My Lane...

The longer I have been divorced, and on my own....having the free time and ability to express my shit the way I want to....I have gotten more comfortable with my truth. took me some years to identify what the fukk that truth was. Shit was mixed with soooo many feelings, guilt, and other mixed emotions. Then there's the unsolicited opinions, comments, and suggestions from muhhfukkahs who can't relate to the shit I've been thru. Bitches always tryna give their two cents about shit they can't pretend to understand. Never been married and divorced. Never had kids to fight over. Never had an ex who tries to make their kids hate em. But still got a whole buncha shit to offer by way of opinion. Sit da fukk down.....buncha bitches.

The truth is I've had some interesting times these last few years. Some have been rough, and others....not so much. But my experiences have forced me to grow. And I've become more content IN MY OWN FUKKIN LANE.....regardless of the categories bitches wanna put me in.

Some niggas wanna say I'm gay, and still tryna convince myself that I like the pussy. Others wanna believe that a nigga is straight, but just fukkin around every now and then.

Nope...bitches....nope....I been sayin this shit for years. Now a spic is real comfortable in the truth....I am a bi-sexual black/Puerto Rican single dad, who loves his kids.....loves dick, ass, and and no particular order.

Now, recently, I have been scaling back from dealing with women. Turns out, everytime I lay pipe and touch a bitch's belly button, THEN we gotta talk about marriage in shit......DEAD.

I was married for a LONNNNNNG fukkin time. So I have decided to even shit up. My interests have me pointing towards the fellas right now. And I'm okay with that. Those that haven't been have been relieved of the necessity to fukk with me.

I've learned that my feelings, my desires, my disposition are more important that these muhhfukkas who don't even matter. Not tryin to please bitches anymore. My decisions. I own every one of em. Surrounding myself with those that can handle that. Those that can't.....FUCK EM!

This time has been long awaited.....I HAVE ACCEPTED MYSELF. So whatever peeps can't handle, not my problem. My three main concerns are my youngins. After that, other niggas can miss me with the bullshit if they can't fuck with how I handle the shit in MY LANE.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Wow.....Where Has the Time Gone???

How the fukk do I even start this shyt?

Sooooo much has happened.....

I don't even think it's possible to catch niggas up on everything that has happen in a single post. So I'm gonna just talk about shit with each post over time.

I'll say this though.....I MISSED THE SHIT OUTTA BEIN HERE! I missed writing and keepin bitches up to date on on the craziness that is my life. Journey has been crazy as fukk......lots of ups and damn sure lots of downs.

Got divorced....that shit was and continues to be full of drama and comedy.

Kids big as shit. One boy in college doin the damn thing. Other boy is a high school junior....doin the damn thing. And baby girl is rockin too. has been a fukkin roller coaster. Full of surprises and new experiences. The pussy, dick, and ass are ALL still a part of my preferences. A nigga finally full embraced the fact that I am a bisexual man in a hetero world. And muuhfukkas just gotta get over that shit.

Let me put it this way......A lot of shit has gone down. And it all contributed to the space I'm in today. Not sure if that is good or bad....but it's my truth.

So I'm back. New journey....but kinda the same. Hope to take y'all with me.

Do a spic a favor and let bitches know I'm back. Not sure who's still here......Immanuel, Cogito.....where y'all bitches at?

Let's see how this goes.

You ready?

Let's go!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

OMW Back.....

Yo......IF I have any followers left, see you in a minute.

Been too fukkin long.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bells for Renee....

I've been trying to figure out a way to update y'all on life over the past year.  My shit was so fukked up that I wasn't even close to being consistent.  Didn't wanna just show back up like "A NIGGA BACK!"  Just glazin over shit........FAIL.   So let's see what I can do to catch ya asses up.

For those who have not been with me very long, my girl Renee is still around......with a whole lotta major shit goin on. (Read Catching Up With ReneeRenee's Revenge Part I,
Renee's Revenge Part II).  **READ THEM BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER SO YOUR ASS WON'T BE CONFUSED. (Watch muuhfukkas don't listen).

After catching up and reconnecting after a few years, we have been thick as fukkin thieves.  Ain't missed a beat.  She was with me all through the shit I dealt with when my mama passed.  A bitch stuck through all of my depression shit (and a nigga has had many a fukkin episode).  Renee has been my ride-or-die from the jump.  I was with her when she recently lost her grandmother.  And check this shit out........I was with her while she prepared, debated, and finally married that nigga TERRENCE!!!!

Yep.  You heard it.  After all that shit a nigga put her through......cheatin with the bitch he had a baby with.....gettin caught fukkin when Renee showed up to surprise his ass at his crib.......them niggas just had their ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY.  LOL.

Shit shook me.  I was shocked....blown....confused.  I gave her my opinion......several fukkin times. But a bitch was in love.......and she FORGAVE that muuhfukka.  So, if she was gonna be happy......aiight.  And who was I to judge?  I married a crazy, psycho, mean-spirited, nasty attitudinal, moody, half-cocked, self-centered, uppity, salty BITCH.  What could this hurt??  What's worse is that Renee's stupid ass wanted me to participate in the ceremony.  BITCH.......did you forget that you took pictures of my piece up in your pussy, and gave them to him when you broke up with him the 32nd time???  DA FUKK???

Now THAT'S where a spic had to draw the line.  Normally, I would do anything for Renee.  But this I couldn't do.  Wasn't quite comfortable with fukkin your fiancee on the regular whenever she was irritated with you, showing up at a banquet held in  your honor, as your lady only showed up to dump you publicly (while telling everyone there that we were fukkin), and then come throw fukkin rice at your some  lil bitch that was actually happy for y'all.  Nah.......

Renee and Terrence were engaged for about a year.  Ironically, we were still enjoying periodic fucks......for about a year.  She is married to this dude.......happy a few days a week, and has expressed an interest in comin over to spend the night.  I JUST CAN'T.  I love Renee.  She's my dawg.  And she has some of the best pussy I've ever had.  Taste like warm butter on a hot biscuit.  But I can't keep doin that shit.  My ass had to grow the fukk up.

Needless to say, Renee and I are still tight as fukk.  But we decided that we couldn't continue doin that shit.  I love and respect her too much for that shit.  We still hang and have fuck it nights.  But all legit now.  No more fuckin all over her crib, in her office, in one our cars.  I'm loving that bitch a different way.  Prolly the right way......go figure.

Too bad that nigga still ain't taggin that pussy right.  Cuz Renee always beggin for the dick.  LOL.  Nah bitch......can't let you fukk up them wedding bells over this incredidick.........dare that nigga Terrence to fukk up tho.  

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Lot to Say....

Wow!!!!  It has been a minute.  What to say?  Where to begin?  What old shit do I pick up from?  What new drama do I start with?  Life has been crazy.  Guess I'm gonna do a bit of it all....

Let's start here with this mini update debrief "bring muuhfukkas halfway up to speed on my ridiculous shit" type explanation....

A lotta shit went sour when I lost my mama.  Not only did I stop writing, but I damn near left this place.  Y'all niggas already know I was havin daily battle royals with Gargamel (if you're new, that's the ex).  Well, that bitch is still around, but less relevant every fukkin day.  Good therapy will do that shit fo a nigga.  So......oh yeah.......fell into a deep depression that I didn't wanna acknowledge.   Shit was crazy.  Eating was outta control.  Drinkin got worse.  Couldn't afford tree (that was a bitch).  Didn't wanna take meds.....didn't wanna see a shrink.  Sat my ass in the crib for days.   Wouldn't shower, shave, wash.......was hella fukked up.  Only got up to leave when I had to do somethin for the kids.  And a lotta times I would show up in pajama bottoms and hoddie.  Eventually, I got to the place where I would clean up to LOOK THE PART.....but a nigga was still fukked up.  At my lowest point, I hadn't slept for like four days.  Grabbed some muscle relaxers from my auntie's crib (you know old niggas always got hella medications and shit).   Came home, and knocked about four of them bitches back with two shots of vodka.  Just wanted to sleep.  What's fukked up about the whole thing was that I STILL COULDN'T FUKKIN FALL OUT.

I think that's when light bulbs and shit started goin  off.  Maybe my life did have some purpose if a nigga can't even commit suicide right.  DA FUKK!!! LOL.  I can laugh now, but a nigga would cry about that shit every fukkin day.  And trust, that experience made me realize that I'm here.  Shit is still kinda fukked up......but I'm still here.  And for not other reason, Imma be here for them three lil spics of mine.

Time has passed.  I started getting my health together.  Working out.....Eating clean.  Gettin in the best shape of my muuhfukkin life.  Some of the people you read about stayed, some left........and some bitches got the muhhfukkin boot.  LOL.  Got some new nastiness to talk about and  some more crazy shit to fukk with ya head.  A nigga is starting to sense purpose now. day at a time, I plan for shit to get better, easier, possible.  Depression is a bitch, but so am I.

I got a lotta shit to say..........and it's gonna shake some shit up.    But that's the fukkin reason I'm still here.  Like my boy Kwasi, we like our shyt shaken.....not stirred.  Come ride with a nigg.....

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Just When You Thought It Was Over........

A nigga is on the way back.........STAY TUNED.

We bout to go all the way in........See you soon.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My New Muufukkin Hero....

This nigga right here.....

Hot Rod Tyler Trenton