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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Catching Up With Renee......

So I ran into a good friend of mine of many years, Renee. A great friend from my childhood years. We grew up together, went to church together, spent time with each other's families. That's my girl. I'm a few years older than Renee, so, when I went away to college, we kinda fell off. But some 2 million years later (actually over the last 2 years), we have reconnected. Feels like we never missed a beat. We talk all the time, grab dinner or a happy hour often. Again that's my girl.

Renee was always cute as hell, but there was never any potential intimate energy between us. Don't know why. She was always like a little sister, but upon our more recent connection a few years ago, a little sister was NOT what I saw. DAYUM!!!! She is fine as shit, and "phat" as a muthafukka! I was not mentally ready to handle how fukkin sexy she is. Professional, well-spoken, confident, and bad as shit.

Nonetheless, we connected, and would meet about twice a month for dinner, lunch, or drinks. Just catching up. Sharing our experiences and/or frustrations. Renee was dating some dude that she thought might propose. I was fighting everyday with Gargamel. Was a great time for both of us.

One night (about a year ago), we decided to have a 'fuck it' night. Renee's beau had pissed her off, and Gargamel had been on point with the regular shit that she throws at me. So we decided to go have some drinks and talk shit about both of them.

We decided to go out for sushi at this little posh spot in the city. We talked, drank, laughed, drank, and talked about both of the bitches that were gettin the fuck on our nerves. Oh.....and drank. From the sushi spot, to the Latino spot, to dancing, we had a ball. It was so refreshing to be able to say what was on my mind, and the shit be okay. Renee was sexy as ever.......fitting black dress (short, of course), heels and hair was on point. She was on her shit. I clowned her early about not having on any panties. Like I wouldn't notice. As a nigga who doesn't wear drawls my damn self, I could tell. So of course, I was looking at, smacking, and grinding on her phat ass all fukkin night. The Latin spot where we decided to dance was small, dark, and loud. Tight ass dance floor that was packed. You could only see the silhouette of most folks. And you couldn't hear shit, because the music was sooooo loud. While dancing with Renee, I could look around and see all of the nasty shit that was taking place. I'm part Latino my damn self, so I'm used to small ass, sweaty dance joints, where folks are all but fukkin. No big deal.

I noticed that people were kissing, grinding, and groping each other. Dresses and skirts were up. The shit was fire. Nobody gave a fuck. Renee was enjoying the Meringue. Dancing her ass off and grinding on my dick for muthafukkin points! I got so hard, I couldn't think straight. 'Fuck it', I thought to myself. I pulled her real close to me so that I KNEW she would feel how hard my shit was. The reached behind and pulled my head down to her neck. I started kissing and sucking on her neck. I couldn't hear her moan, but the breath on my neck indicated that I was getting warmer. My hands, now on her waist, started moving downward. Eventually, I was playing with the pussy through her dress. Move breath approval. When I pulled up the front part of her dress and made a move for the pussy, Renee guided my hand there and pushed my finger up into her shit. After some really sensual dancing, and my finger in her pussy, I noticed that my hand was EXTREMELY wet. It was if I had a cup of water poured into my hand. 'Oh Shit!', I thought. 'She's a squirter!' That shit made my head spin. Renee pulled my hand out, turned around, and yelled in my ear, "I have to go to the bathroom", while putting my finger in her mouth. "Me too!", I said. We pushed our way through the crowd to this small ass bathroom that had one toilet. Fortunately, there was a lock on the door. "We can fuck here, or go back to my place." she said. "I was planning on both." is what I told her. My shit was still hard. I didn't feel like being romantic. I grabbed her and turned her around, pushed her torso against the wall, and pulled her dress up over that phat ass. I parted her legs with my feet, moved in, and slid my hard dick up in that wet pussy. She moaned, and looked back biting her lip. "You don't know how long a sista has wanted to fuck you." "Well, here it is.", I told her, as I grabbed her by the throat and banged her pussy out as hard as I could. I didn't know how drunk she was, but I was gonna make her remember that the pussy had been invaded. Renee threw that ass back on me and talked shit while I fucked her. By this time, someone was knocking on the door. But shit, the dick was already in. I had a job to do. I fucked Renee until my knees got weak.

We straightened ourselves up, walked out, and left club. I drove her home, where we fucked like porn stars. All kinds of positions. All of the locations in her crib. I ate her pussy. She sucked my dick. I made her squirt several times. I fucked her pussy and her ass. We crashed and feel asleep in her bed, cuddled up.

Morning came. I was twisted, but knew exactly what I was doing. Did she? I wondered. She woke up and kissed my forehead. "Still here papi?" she said. "Yeah." I went on to ask her if this was going to get weird now. I didn't want to lose the friendship that we had rekindled. Renee was fine. She remembered everything and said that she also did what she wanted to do. "I'm okay babe. However, I was wondering if we can have a 'fuck it' night every now and then.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dayum I Missed Him...

My son's AAU National Basketball Tournament was phenomenal! I'm always amazed at a coach's ability to get 9 and 10 year olds to remember a slew of plays, while we, as parents, struggle to get them to clean their rooms, complete their chores, and wipe there asses without constant reminders. Oh well.

Of course, as tradition would have it, I got back in town and was greeted by the typical shit that I expected from Gargamel......fussing, finger pointing, whining, and bitching. And probably for the first time, I decided to ignore her for a while. Picked up all of my youngins that Saturday afternoon and spent the next 48 hours chillin....go karts, roller blades, IHOP. We had a blast. My son brought his siblings back a bunch of shit from the tourney.....bags, balls, toys, pictures. I just enjoyed the company of my kids. And of course, my little girl again reminded me, "Daddy, you're the best Daddy EVER!!!" I love my kids.

After dropping them off to Gargamel, I went straight to see Stephen, as we had planned. I loved hearing him tell me "I need to see you handsome." Something about the seriousness in his voice combined with his use of the word 'need'. I was on my way to show that muufukka how much I missed his ass.

When I got to Stephen's house, he was on the phone. He quickly came over, hugged, and kissed me while continuing his conversation. I didn't want to disturb him. I went back to his room and sat on the bed. The television was on. I could hear Stephen walking into the room while on the phone, giving instructions to the individual on the other line. I was so excited to see how he almost seemed to forget about the major details of the phone conversation, and focused on giving me some attention. He kept the phone to his ear while wrapping his arms around me. We kissed each other like a couple of starving animals. Stephen would occasionally give a "yeah sure" or a "uh huh. That's fine." Whenever he would start talking, I would suck on his nipples or nibble on his neck, while grinding against his sexy ass body. I could see that he wanted to get off of the call, but needed to finish. I stood behind him in his full-length mirror. Sucking on the back of his neck, dick pressed up against his ass, and now playing with his nipple with one hand, and finding that fat dick with the other. I love the way Stephen moans when I touch him. It's almost like our bodies know how to respond to each other, with or without our mental approval. My body does shit for him that it doesn't do any other time. I love that shit.

Stephen started to bring the conversation to a close. I was glad. Because now I wanted that nigga to focus on me only. Fuck the bullshit. I had been gone a week, and I wasn't gonna share his ass with a muufukka on the phone. He ended his call. By the time he said 'bye', his hands were all over me, and mine were doing the same thing. Our breathing patterns got faster and heavier. "Get naked", he said. Shiiiiiit. Aiight. No muthafukkin problem. I followed his instructions, laid on the bed with him. Right in the middle of our heavy ass kissing and grinding, he says in my ear with that deep, sexy ass voice, "I missed you boy". Something shot through my body. I had missed him too. And I was about to prove it. Right then, he......