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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Still Love the Pussy....

I had lunch with my girl Renee today. Was a great time. Just catching up. She's still going back and forth with her fiance. And I'm still dealing with my shit. We didn't have a lot of time. But as always, it was good to see her. While she was milling over the menu, and trying to make small talk, I was off in a daze. The thing is, I wasn't thinking about other random shyt. I was noticing things about her fine ass. Nothing new. Just the same old things. Renee had on a fitted two-piece power suit with just enough cleavage showing to make a brutha wonder. Hair was on point. make-up superb. Lips sexy (like she could suck the skin off my dick, give the waiter the finger, and order some chicken fingers all at the same time). DAYUM!!

While Renee was going through the motions of having lunch and catching up, I was lusting over her like a muufukka. The more she kept talking, the harder my dick got. The more she licked her lips, the hornier I felt. And like a ton of bricks, that shit hit me in the face.........A nigga still loves the pussy!!

Yeah, I'm a downlow brutha struggling with shit at home. Tryna be the best father I can. Going back and forth with my feelings and desires to deal with dudes. But at the end of the muthafukkin day, I still loves the pussy, in addition to a fine ass nukka. I'm all fucked up.

Yessir! Love brutha to curl up with, kiss all over his this ass body, and wrestle until we decide who's gonna fuck first. But I love a lady with thick ass thighs and a phat bubble ass.

I love the way she looks when she's ready to be fucked. When she's ready to fight for control of the situation, but really hoping that a nigga is gonna eventually bend her the fuck over, smack that ass, and bang her back out.

I love the way her ass just stands at attention. I love what she can do with it. I love how that shit feels when I grab it.

I love the way her shit tastes, the way it feels, the way it grips my piece. I love that just as much as I love the way he feels, the way he moans, the way he makes me feel that I can always get it.

Dayum!! Just made my own dick hard. Truth is, I love both of them. That's real. That's the way it is. Call a nigga confused, fucked up, jaded, in denial. Fuck it. Maybe all of that is true. But I know this........the dick and ass is off the chain, but a nigga still loves him some pussy.

Damn. I need a J!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My First Time......

So every now and then, I read my own shit. For a number of reasons. Sometimes I want to see how far I've come with expressing my feelings. Other times, I just realize that my past experiences make my shyt hard. Anyway, I was reading my first blog, "WTF", which sort of dealt with the beginnings of my issues at home with the wife, and my willingness to put my personal (DL, gay, freak, whatever) shit out in the air. Writing has been a breath of fresh air for me. I get shit off my chest. Express things I've NEVER said to another human being. And the shit is muthafukkin therapeutic. I read some of this shit and wanna schedule a damn appointment. On the other hand, I read somma the shit ya'll write and tell myself, "nigga, you aiight."

Anyway, I'm blazin, so you know a nigga can digress like a muthafukka.

It occured to me while reading over my first blog that I have never shared my first experiences with other men. Probably for a couple of reasons. I never wanted to communicate how fucked up my shit is. And.......I never wanted to communicate HOW FUCKED UP MY SHIT IS. But ya'll my niggas and my bitches now. We are family right?? So don't judge a nigga when I tell you the truth about my crazy ass introduction to a dick other than my own.

I was a high school senior at the top of my game. A/B student. Athletic, and a muthafukkin scholar. Accepted to Howard, UNC, Florida State, and Pitt. Did pretty well. Had lost my virginity, was fuckin a pom-pom girl (fuck cheerleaders--bitches too pristine, busy, and only fucked dumb muufukkas anyway!), and was feelin pretty good about becoming a man. I was workin at a local ice-cream shop, tryna pay for prom, yearbook, and a nice room so I could get me some prom-graduation-goin-to-college pussy. I was also tutoring this kid from the neighborhood. Damn 11-year old dumb muthafukka who could count worth shit. But hey. The money was nice. The kid's dad begged me to get him up to speed so he wouldn't be all fucked up in school. He had an older brother that was a sophomore at UNC (pay attention dammit), and was home on every holiday possible. Ole home-sick bitch.

One weekend, I'm workin with the kid on some Algebra or somethin. Didn't know that 'Brian' was in fact home for Spring Break. Lil youngin is getting irritated and tired. I decide that he's had enough for the day. As I'm preparing to leave, Brian and I strike up a conversation. I remembered him from the neighborhood, but we never ran in the same circles. Bitch was always studying. I was smokin weed and playin kickball on the blacktop.

Hadn't really noticed him. And I wasn't really thinking about dudes at this point in my life. I did, however, notice that when he came home for Spring Break, that this muthafukka had blossomed. Didn't know if I thought he was sexy, but I was definitely intrigued. He grabs a couple of Pepsi's and we are shootin the shit. I'm asking him about college. And he's being pretty honest about some shit.......the difficulties of being more responsible, the possibility of being broke at times, and the reality of discovering new shit about yourself. "What do you mean?", I wanted to know.

Brian went on to tell me about how he got introduced to shit that made weed seem like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. He spoke a lot about being lonely at times, but not really being able to come home for long periods of time because his parents didn't understand the changes he was going through becoming a young man. Then, he dropped the bomb.......He shared how he was enjoying the fact that he was a bi-sexual dude. WHAT?????????

Yessir! Brian had gotten a taste of some dick and ass and was quite content with that shit on the regular. Now I'm getting concerned. Two reasons......I'm not really phased by the conversation, and my shit is starting to betray me. I tried to think of anything........Olive Oil, my third grade teacher, Whoopi, ANYTHING. Shit wasn't working. And now Brian was noticing that I was uncomfortable, and I was producing a rather sizable buldge.

"Hey. Thanks for the talk. But I'm about to get outta here." was my response. Brian didn't panic. In fact, he laughed. "You don't have to be nervous slim. I'm the same dude. If you're really interested, I'll suck your dick and let you be the judge." At that moment, I was pissed like a muthafukka. Who the fuck was he talkin to??? Was ready to fuck him up. I ain't tryna get into no shit like that. "Nigga hell no!! Do I look like I get down like that?", I asked him. "I'm just sayin," he said. "Just let me know. You don't have to get all weird and shit." I was cool. And just as I turned to leave, the pain in my dick was getting the best of me. I actually WANTED him to suck my shit. I wanted to see his. I wanted to see why the fuck I was okay with all of this!!

I stopped, turned around, and asked, "So how does this work?"

Brian walked over to me, reached for my shit through my jeans, and told me to pull it out. I was scared, but more excited. I pulled it out. His shit was hard too. Not a big dick, but a dick nonetheless. He started stokin, so did I. He licked his lips, so did I. He took his other hand and pinched my nipples. Shit drove me crazy. We stroked for about 10 minutes until he dropped to his knees and took the head of my shit into his mouth. I WAS BLOWN (no pun intended). Was some of the best slow neck I'd ever had. He was slobbin all over the dick. Takin all of it in his mouth. Breathin like it was the last meal he was gonna get. I was lovin it! Brian was taking me over the top. I wasn't afraid anymore, and I didn't want that shit to end. As I got close to bustin, my breathing got harder. Brian pulled my shit out his mouth and asked "how you wanna nutt slim?". "Up to you." I told him.

Just then, he stood up, pulled his warm-ups down and jacked his shit off. I was soooo excited watching him. He started to moan. "Are you ready?" I guess I was gonna have to be. He stood in front of me and nutted all over my stomach, lower abs, and dick. I was shocked, but turned on like a muthafukka. The minute he finished, he dropped to his knees and begain licking that shit all off of me. My dick had his cum on it, and he began suckin it for points. That was all I could take! I exploded in his mouth. He started moanin and wouldn't pull my dick out. What was happening? I was gettin turned da fuck out off of some raunchy shit. BUT IT WAS HOT!!!! Brian sucked me dry and licked everything off of me. I was blown. My knees were weak. And I was happier than a faggot with a bag fulla dicks.

"So, we okay???", he asked.

I'm sure you know where a nigga went to undergrad.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Think I Really Like Him...

I'm laying here watching you sleep. You're so peaceful. I love these moments. Watching you, wondering if you're dreaming of me. Trying to figure out how the fuck I got here......sprung. Love the time we spend together. Hate being away from you. Love our conversation, your intelligence and humor. Hate hanging up the phone to catch up with you later. Love kissing you, the way you respond to my mouth. Hate having stop. Love the way you feel inside of me, and me in you. Kills me that you have to pull out. Yeah....I'm sprung. Lookin at my phone every 20 minutes, wonderin if it's you. Smiling when I hear your voice. Biting my lip every time I think of spending time with you.

DAYUM!! Shit doesn't make any sense. I'm very much a DL bruh. You're not. I admire how you live your life. Not giving a fuck about what anyone has to say. I'm simply not there yet. But I know this....I can only go a few days without seein your big ass. 6'5", buff and cut, ass perched out just right, thick ass dick hung so fukkin low. "Shit papa" is what I always remember saying when I'm with you. You make a brutha wanna stay. Stay and cook us breakfast. Stay and talk some more. Stay and give you what you want. Dayum Stephen. Can I come back over??