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Monday, January 31, 2011

Renee's Revenge Part II......


So I thought I was crazy, a bit touched in the head.  Renee is off the fukkin chain!!  Had I really just left work, gone to her crib, got in a quick fuck, and was now on my way with her to hurt a nukka's feelins?  Yea (in my Tre Songz voice).

I had just finished givin my girl some dick and snappin all kinds of pictures of the whole thing.....faceless, of course.  But we made sure to include pictures of some of her tattoos in them so Terrence (the stupid, soon-to-be-ex-nigga) would know that this was Renee's pussy gettin beat up by another nigga.

Renee and I had cleaned up, gotten dressed and were standing in Staples, waiting for the little group of youngins to finish copying the pics from the SIM card of her camera.  Now we could have just gone to a machine ourselves.  Renee felt like it would take too long.  Bullshit.  Bitch liked the fact that folks were drooling over those pics.  Ole nasty bitch.  We stood their like we were waiting for pictures of church programs to be copied.  No embarrassment.  No emotional response.  We were chillin.  One of the little youngins came over and gave us the copies.  Renee looked them over, smiled, thanked the baby, and we were out.

We pulled up at the hotel where Terrence's function was being held.  I'm pretty certain that dinner was being served.  Renee was prepared to make an entrance.  Bitched looked wonderful.

As we walked in the ballroom, Renee scanned the room, grabbed my hand, and said, "Cmon.  There's our table." I'm now smiling.  This bitch is really a piece of work.  We were headed to the head table.  A tall, fine nigga stands up, looking at us as we approach the table.  Completely flustered, nervous, and mouth opened.  He can only muster up the courage to say, "Uh....Renee, I...."  Renee never missed a beat.  "Terrence, close your mouth baby.  You didn't think I'd miss your promotion celebration, did you?  C'mon.  I'm not that shallow."  She kissed that mufuuka on the cheek and proceed to sit in the chair that I pulled out for her.  Renee introduced me to Terrence, who shook my hand, but still looked shook his damn self.  Did I say the nigga was fine?  Oh yeah.  Looked like Michael Vick.

We sat through dinner, desert, and wine.  Danced a few songs with me.  A good time.  Renee was participating in the conversation as if nothing was wrong.  Everyone at the table knew her, and seemed a bit uncomfortable.  And rightly so.  Renee showed up at this nigga's celebration with ANOTHER MUFUUKIN DATE!!.  I was looking back and forth at everyone, and just taking all this shit in, enjoying the drama.

Eventually, it was time to go.  Renee stood.  Gave her parting salutations to everyone, and finally reached into her small purse, pulled out an envelope and a satchel.  She handed them both to Terrence and said, "Congratulations Terrence.  You deserve this long-awaited promotion.  Well, goodnight everyone.  Great seeing you again.  Terrence baby, these are for you.  Take this ring and put it on the finger of some stupid bitch that will tolerate the shit you do, and frame these pics, as it will be the last time you see this pussy........Oh, and by the way, that's HIS dick (pointing to me).  Bless ya'll."


After I managed to close my mouth, I said goodnight to everyone, and quickly followed Renee's ass out of the ballroom to the elevator.  She said nothing all the way to the car and nothing on the ride back to her crib.  When we got to her house, I walked her in and grabbed her face.  "Hey, stop tryna be a fukkin hero. I'm here", I told her.  Renee looked at me, started sobbing and collapsed on me.  I carried her upstairs to her bed and laid her down.  Was gonna be a long night.  For the rest of the night, we laid in her bed with our shit still on.  An occasional cry, and an occasional reinforcement that I wasn't leaving.  That's my girl.  She'll be aiight.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Renee's Revenge Part I......

So I was getting ready to close out my day.  It was well past time to get the fuck outta dodge.  I was just procrastinating going out into the cold, though I was more than ready to leave.  The University was closing early and all evening classes were canceled since the weather was so fukked up. I had seen my last class for the day, debriefed with my TA, packed my shit and finally decided to go to the gym.  My lazy ass had chosen to sleep in this morning instead of working out.  So, this would work.

As I was walking to the car, my cell phone rang.  "Oh shit", I thought.  It was Renee.  I decided that I would call her back, as it was cold as a muufukka outside and I was walking to the car.  I hit the ignore button.  Renee immediately calls back.  IGNORE DAMMIT!  When she calls a third time, I answer.  A little concerned that she might be in trouble.

"Hey.  You okay?", I answered.  "Nigga don't you see that I'm tryna find yo ass?  Why do you keep ignoring my calls?"  Renee always felt that the world revolved aroud her ass.  So when I didn't cater to her or jump at every command, she would always get irritated.  I love that shit.  Sometimes I just ignore her spoiled ass just to get a good laugh in.  Bitch is impatient, but my nigga nonetheless.

I let her go on for a few more moments, bitchin about how she ALWAYS picks up for me immediately, and how I NEVER have to wait for her and..........

Finally, I decided to remind her self-centered, arrogant, spoiled, pretentious, sexy muthafukkin ass.... "Bitch, I ain't ya man. Isn't that why you have him?  You know I ain't impressed with yo loud ass.  Now clearly, I can tell that you're okay.  Glad about that.  What da fukk you want?  It's cold, and I'm goin to work out." Just gotta shoot straight from the hip with Renee's ass.  She'll eventually shut da fuk up.

"Can you change your plans?  I need you!!!", she asked.  "Everything okay?", I asked her, not sure if I was gonna have to throw on some warmups and Timbs and whup a nigga's ass.

Turns out, Renee's beau had done some really foul shit.  He had gone out with his ex-girlfriend and decided to fuck da shit outta her.  They have a child together and were supposed to be meeting up to discuss some things about their situation.  Renee had finally decided that she might marry this dude.  And now she had stumbled upon them fuckin like rabbits when she went to his crib to surprise him for lunch.

Shit was fucked up.  Renee sounded hurt, but had taken some time to think things through.   Now she was calm, collected, and out for fukkin blood.  The bitch is definitely someone I would rather have IN my corner.  She's a cut throat muufukka.  I'm so proud of her.

"Yeah.  I can work out tomorrow.  What you need?", I asked her.  "Come inside to Starbucks and we'll discuss the rest."  Renee had come to campus, and was waiting for me in Starbucks, where I normally park.  Wow.  She knew that the university was closing early.  She also knew my schedule.  And here she was, waiting for me, decked out in a black power suit and some heels that say "I'm the baddest bitch up in this piece." She had ordered me a Chai Tea, just the way I like it.  I knew I was about to be in for some serious shit.

"You're going with me to a dinner party tonight."  Renee was smiling, but the look was evil as a muthafukka.  "Okaaayyyy.......that's it?", I asked her.  There had to be more to this."We are going to see Terrence (that's the nigga's name -- I had never met him.....Remember, Renee and I just recently reconnected.  And with the occasional fuck em nights, I wasn't interested).  I am going to a celebration for his latest promotion tonight to deliver his ring, and show him what he's losing.

"So am I going along to fuck him up if necessary?" Sounded reasonable.  I had done it before for my girl.  Renee smiled, crossed her arms, and said, "Not necessarily.  Terrence doesn't know you.  You are going as my date.  You will represent his replacement.  And if shit pops off, do what you gotta do."   No muthafukin problem.

Renee was professional enough to make sure that there would be no drama.  We would be dressed to the nine.  Eloquent as shit.  The look of a fabulous power couple.  She would never put Terrences livelihood in jeopardy.  She was just going there to break dat bitch's spirit, have a meal, toast his promotion, and be wisked away into the next chapter of her life.

What da fukk was this bitch bout to get me into?  Was I gonna have to fight?  Was I in the mood for all of this shit?

"Aiight.  Let's go.  I gotta go home and change."

"All that is taken care of.  Leave your car here and we'll take mine." Renee told me.

Renee lived 5 minutes away, while I lived 20.  We left Starbucks, jumped into her car and went to her crib.  The dinner was starting in a couple of hours.  Renee had taken the liberty to go buy me a suit, have it altered, along with shoes, socks, and tie.  The bitch is thorough!!!    I started taking my clothes off and headed toward the bathroom.  Renee followed me to the bathroom, wrapped her arms around me and started kissing my back.  "Here is your thank you boy", she said.  "Hey, you don't have to do this.  That nigga hurt you.  You don't owe me anything."  Renee slid in front of me, between my body and the sink.  "You know I love fukkin you.  This is my drug.  Don't get all sentimental on me now. Fuck this pussy and let's go have some shrimp."


Renee dropped to her knees and sucked the shyt outta my dick.  I wanted to stop her, but I couldn't focus.  I pulled her up, took her dress and bra off, and pushed her back down to servicing my pipe.  I love the way Renee plays with her pussy while she's suckin my shit.  She was taking care of the dick.  Pullin on my balls and wettin my shit up.  I leaned over and whispered in her ear that it was time for me to taste that pussy.  "Nigga, we are in a rush.  Come into the bedroom and bang the shit outta this pussy.  You can eat it for desert when we get back."  Noooooo problem.  Renee took my hand and guided me to the bedroom, grabbed her camera off of the dresser on the way, and proceeded to get on all fours on her bed.  "Do what you do papi".

That said, I moved up behind her, slid the head of my dick in her and started long strokin da pussy.  Renee handed me the camera.  Shit!!  I was takin pictures of my shit sliding in and out of her wetness.  Shit was turnin me da fuck on even more.  Renee flipped over on her back and started takin more of this dick.  I was makin sure I got a pick of my pipe inside her and the small butterfly tattoo on the inside of her thigh.  Shit was driving me crazy.  "Nutt on my back papi, right on top of my tatt.", she said.  Renee has a rose tattoo on the small of her back.  She jumped up, got on her knees and waited for it.  I stood over her and spit my leche all over that tatt.  Then I took a picture of it.  The shit was hott, but we had to get ready to go.

We showered up, got dressed and got ready to head to the event.  Renee looked at me with a devilish smirk on her face......."We're stopping at Kinko's." Oh shit.......

Oh well.  Off to dinner.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

This Helped Me Push Out a Good One...

So I was sitting around last night bored as hell.  Of course, the kids were knocked out.  I'm up watching the Australian Open at some ridiculous hour.  Vodka and Cranberry, and a nice phatty rolled.  Snuggled down in my mancave with my laptop and chillin.  Couldn't sleep.  Tennis is good.  I started working on a couple of entries for the blog (ran into Renee, and had a couple of other issues on my mind......don't worry, coming soon), and my dick got hard as fuck.

Went online and found one of my favorite scenes.  Helped me push out a nice heavy nutt.  Thought I'd share it with those of you who might be off today, snowed in on the east coast, or frustrated that date you had last night only had 5 inches.  LOL.


Gays having a shag: "Gays having a shag"

Sunday, January 23, 2011

10,000 Hits....

DAYUM!!!  That was fast as a muufukka!!!
I'm probably a bit more excited about this than one should be.  But more than that, I'm shocked and filled with gratitude.  Not sure when this happened, but it occured to me while looking through my stats that at some point within the last month or so, I hit a milestone of 10,000 hits on this blog. Today, I'm right around 11,500.  And while 1,500 of those hits may be me checking the blog, making corrections, editing shit, and debating with myself as to whether or not to delete this whole thing, other people have actually taken the time to check and see how things are going, check on me, or see what "Trapped With Her...Driven to Him" is all about........10,000 fukkin times!!!

What's more amazing to me is that with such a small group of folks that follow the blog, I'm surprised to be here this early. 

Thanks to all of you for your comments, whether encouraging or not. 
Thanks Immanuel for staying on me until I finally decided to create the blog.
Thanks CoGito for all of the wonderfully encouraging words and emails that you send (gotta come to Kentucky and buy you a drink, now that you're legal).
Thanks Josh and Flowers for all of your advice.
Thanks Raw for your brutal honesty and openness.
Thanks Caesar for allowing me to see that there are other people with similar shit, and being open about it.
Thanks Annonymous from NC for tellin me the truth.

And thanks to my friend/brother for life kdg-cb for being all that you are to me (none of ya'll nukkas/bitches know who dat is so let it go).

All of you have helped to strengthen me. 

Thanks.  As long as you read it, I'll keep em comin.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wanted to Show Him How Much I Missed Him....

Finally made it back in town from Christmas vacation.  Took me a while to write.  Been running around with my youngins.  Getting them back into the swing of things with school and AAU Basketball up and going.  It's been a busy couple of weeks.  And as tradition would have it, Gargamel hit the ground running with a bunch of bullshit.  It's like she doesn't have shit to do.  With the kids, my schedule, and all the other shit goin on, I nigga don't even have time to be fightin and fussin all the damn time.  Bitch need some friends.  DAYUM!!

During my trip, I spoke with Stephen quite often.  We would check in on each other, making sure the other was good.  While I love his voice and was glad to talk to him whenever I could, I missed that nigga.  Misse his touch, his kiss, his ass, and his phat ass dick.  I missed layin up with him and watchin whatever was on the tube.  I missed going through his fridge, only to find protein shakes, creatine, and other bodybuilding, nasty tastin shit.

After things slowed down a bit, Stephen and I decided to spend one morning together.  I was off and he had some late meetings scheduled for the day.  I drove over to see my baby.  As usual, my baby opened the door, sexy as ever, just out of the shower.  Tight t-shirt on and some kind of sweats that I didn't pay too much attention to.  I walked in and slammed that nigga against the wall, where we kissed like desperate, hungry ass orphans for what seemed like 15 -20 minutes or so.  Stephens hands were all over my body.  I couldn't seem to get my hands off his face.  Didn't want the kiss to end.  It had been too fukkin long, and had come to need him more than I wanted him.

We finally pulled ourselves together and sat in his living room for a while, just catching up......small talk, chatting about nothin.  Finally, we made our way to his bedroom and stripped to nothin.  For a good while, we just rolled around in Stephen's bed, kissing, feeling, and groping each other.  Heavy breathing, moaning, and just appreciating each other's bodies.  Finally, I started feelin some kinda way.  I turned Stephen's big ass over on his stomach and propped his ass up in the air.  I parted his round as and started eatin that ass for mufukkin points.   He usually takes me there, but today I wanted to turn him the fukk out.  I licked, sucked, nibbled on, and blew into his hole.  Hearing him moan and call my name made me hard as shit.  Before I knew it, I was smackin his ass and roughin him up like shyt.  I love the way Stephen responds to that shit.  Jumping because he didn't expect me to smack the shit out of him but moanin because the shit was hot. I fipped him over and threw his legs up in the air.  Smacked him all over his chest while my tongue was up in that hole.  I moved back and forth from his ass to his dick.  He tasted so fukkin good.  Finally, I couldn't take anymore, I needed to show my dude how much I missed him, how much I wanted him, how much I needed him.  I put a pillow under Stephen's back, threw his legs up over my shoulders, lubed his juicy hole up, and slid my thick.......

AWWWWW SHIT.  Gotta go to work!