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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ok......So What Would You Have Done???

So I know it's been a minute, but a nigga has been runnin like crazy.  AAU Basketball season is back in full swing.  The kids have their activities at school.  And Gargamel keeps my ass at the muufukkin bar!  Whenever the bitch is around, I'm not.  I've just been on the move. fact, I've been so fuckin busy, I thought Stephen was gonna tell my ass to step the hell off.  I haven't been to see his ass in a minute.  In fact, we haven't even spoken that much.  As hott as shit gets between us, I'm sure that nigga has moved the fukk on with his life.  Not to say that we won't hook up again.  I sure want some more of that deliciousness, but I'm not damn fool.  Stephen is too damn hott to wait around for my ass to work through all of my shyt.  And a nigga is only gon beat da dikk but so many times.  I miss the shit outta him.  Gotta make my way back over there before he has my ass served wit papers and shit.  LOL.

In the meantime, Gargamel has still been doin her damn job.  Startin arguments with anyone in the house that has more than a drop of testosterone, goin the fukk off on me for lil bullshit and then acting like nothing happened the next day, sayin shit to my kids that doesn't make any damn sense.....the bitch has at least been consistent.

But once again bitches and niggas, Gargamel has thrown my ass for another muufukkin loop.  Check this.  She comes down to the basement (my abode) and announces that she has something that she would like to tell me.  "Ok, what?" was my response.  I was getting dressed to go handle some business, had rolled a J, and didn't have time for any lengthy, dramatic bullshit arguments.  I needed the bitch to get to the fukkin point.

Gargamel opened her mouth, and with a straight ass face, looked me eye to eye, and said, "Now I wanna say this to you, but I'm not asking you for anything.  I just want you to know that."  No problem.  I just needed her to say her peace and get the fuck out.  So, after telling me an additional two times that she wasn't asking me for anything, Gargamel said, "I really need to get laid, or I'm going to stress the fuck out."

Not sure if I looked like a deer caught in headlights, or a nigga who couldn't find his last bit of green to roll a J.  But I was shook nonetheless.  But a nigga didn't miss a beat.  I chuckled, looked her back in the face with a blank stare, said "Ok", and lit my shit without any extra emotion, stuttering, or noticable signs of being freaked out.

Gargamel paused, said "Well, ok", and walked out.  I went to my truck and left.  I figured that maybe she needed to take care of that.

So, I'm over that shit.  But it's been tight around this joint.

Here's my questions.  Did I do something she wasn't expecting?  What would you have done?

I wanna know.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beatin Da Shyt Outta Da Pussy...

This ugly ass muufukka beat da shit outta Cherokee's pussy. Dat bitch deserves to call in in the mornin. But I love the way she kept makin sure her hairs was together. LOL.

Cherokee Shares That Big Ass -

Sunday, March 6, 2011

K........My New E-Pal........

Every now and then, I get comments from brothas or sistas who want to dialogue about the issues discussed in my blog.  I'm always honored that folks actually read the shit I put out there.  It's comforting to know that people are interested in what I have to say.  It also gives me a great deal of encouragement to know that I'm not the only fukked up nigga out there.

Anyway, I got a comment from a brutha that we'll call "K".  He had some questions for me and asked that I shoot him an email.  No biggie.  Well, for a dude in his twenties, he seems to be about tryna utilize all available resources to better himself.  After a few emails back and forth, I asked him if he'd be open to me posting some of our correspondences.  He was fine with it.

So, after some thought, I think I'm going to add periodic updates to the blog about my newfound e-pal.  Check it out. 

What's good, bro!
My name is K! I'm a fan of your blog, and I follow regularly. Your writing style is tight and your sexual journeys are also hott! Yeah, so, I guess it goes without saying I'm into guys. I'm also into girls, too. I live a very DL life, but  more recently, I've been exploring guys. In college, I was more private, not even talking to that many dudes (still, not even sure if I was really "gay/bi/whatever label you want to use). Now that I have started grad school, and I have more flexibility (away from friends and what not), I've explored the male side a bit more. I'm an attractive, dark skinned male, with a swimmers build (very athletic); I'm a typical man's-man, but I'm not out!
What does this have to do with you? Well, at 22, I find many overlaps between your life and the path that I am beginning to go down. I am not exclusive with my girl, but we still talk frequently, and from what I know, I do love her very much. Of course, my conception of love is changing as I change and grow, but I'm definitely into men as well! Hmmmmm, yeah, the situation is getting tricky. I don't have many options to discuss my predicament in many intelligible ways. With what I'm thinking about or the charade I have to put on from time to time, I don't have many realistic options for advice. Or, just to shoot the breeze with on a more personal level. I guess you already know, the net has its advantages and drawbacks.
What do I mean by that: I mean, everyone is looking for sex, so there is not shortage of that (positive); on the other hand, dudes the surf the web are sometimes in denial about who they are and their sexuality and shit gets complicated; men never really want to build friendships on these sites, but instead, just have sex (negative); again, I'm probably preaching to the choir, so I won't continue on that. To be honest, I love pussy. On the other hand, a man just gives me something else. I don't even know what's going on with me? What I'm doing? Where I'm going? But, I'm pushing forward in my PhD program and life seems to be a whirlwind that I only face from time to time....feel me?
So, my specific questions for you: If you could go back in time, would you change anything about what you did in terms of the marriage? Would you ever considering dealing with a man in a long-term type of situation?
I understand the questions I just asked were loaded (and, this email is getting long. Let me wrap this up!), but I'm more so just trying to work some ideas out. I've followed your site for months, but I just randomly decided to see what you were on in more detail.
Sorry to throw so much on you so fast! It just gets rough not to be able to have an outlet and talking to someone. Your blog is a good outlet in terms of making me NOT FEEL CRAZY (lol). I just wanted to take it a bit further and see if I could pick your brain on more of a direct level.

I was pretty hyped about having my thoughts sought after by folks.  Here's what I wrote:


Thanks so much bruh for following the blog.  I am often encouraged by the amount of people that write me indicating that they feel some type of connection to my writing.  It's kinda funny.  The reality is that my writing style is really just a choice for me.  It is a refreshing opportunity for me to release things that I've never voiced to anyone. 

I took a full day to think about your email because I wanted to be completely honest in my response. 

I can appreciate the fact that you find some consistencies in your life that connect you to the things that I write about.  It is nice to know that I'm not alone in all of my foolishness (although my Renee 'situation' is kinda unique to my specific crazy behavor....LOL). 

In response to your questions, I'll say this.  I'm really torn as to whether or not I could make a definitive decision about what I would or wouldn't do again.  I don't hate my wife. I still have love for her.  She gave me three beautiful children.  She is a beautiful person.  Our season just appears to be over.  Not marrying her would mean I would not have my beautiful kids, some of the relationships I have, and a number of things in my life that came simply because of my connection  to her.

I don't know that I am opposed to a long-term 'situation' with a man.  However, we have our own shit that we bring to the table as well.  The unfortunate thing is that my marriage took such a bad turn that went unaddressed for so long, I don't know that I ever want another relationship with anyone.

Hope this answers your questions.  Feel free to write me anytime.  I think I'm gonna write an entry about these questions from you, if you don't mind.  Wouldn't mention your name or anything.  Just the issue.

Take Care


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Since I can't sleep, we'll fuck -

Couldn't sleep. Found this one. Niccccce. Pretty sure ya'll will like it.

Anyway, just rolled a J and had a vodka and cran. It's 3am. Goin to bed. G'nite.

Since I can't sleep, we'll fuck -