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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Where Do I Begin???

Shyt!!!  I don't know where to start.  It's been a minute since I've written anything.  So much has been goin on.  Shyt with Gargamel has still been somewhat crazy, although there seems to be an all out extra effort on her part to make amends.  The kids are growing and running me all over the damn place now.  In fact, I'm in Long Island with one of my boys now.  Dayum!  It was about a year ago when I started blogging and was writing from Detroit.  Time flies like a bitch doesn't it???

Ministry has picked up.  I'm getting invitations all over the place.  Still feel like a damn hypocrite, knowing that my shit is hella fucked up, but here I am tryna tell a nigga somethin about the Bible.

Renee, well that's a whole nutha muufukkin post.

Kwasi has been goin through some shit his damn self.  But my nigga has decided to get his shit in shape.  Working out every damn day.  Proud of dat nigga.

Stephen and I barely see or speak to one another.  Nothin bad (I don't think).  I think it's a timing issue.  Miss da shyt outta dat sexy muufukka.

Kevin and I have hooked up a few times to "smoke"......yea right.

I definitely have some interesting shyt to catch u up on.  Just been a strange time for me.  Tryna fight this depression, be the dad I'm supposed to be, be the minister I'm called to be, and figure out what the fukk I'm supposed to do with my marriage.  And then on top of all that, keep ya'll niggas and bitches up to date.  LOL.

I'll do better.  Just need to get my mind together.  Funny thing is.....ya'll are still reading.  That's so encouraging.  Holla when I leave da NY.