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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It All Started With An Appointment...

So I'm sitting in the damn doctor's office for my annual physical.  The usual shit when the head physician is a nigga......always behind schedule, waiting room packed, Jet Magazine and Black know.  Anyway, after arriving on time, waiting 20 minutes just to give the bitch my insurance card, and another 25 minutes doing the crossword puzzle from the morning's paper, the nurse called my name to come in the back.  Of course, this means I'm gonna go in a room and wait for another half hour.  Typical nigga doctor shit.  But I never trip over the shit.  I just plan my day around it, FOR THIS SITUATION ONLY.  Carl and I went to undergrad together, and that nigga has been my physician most of my adult life.  The minute he finished med school, and opened his practice, I took my support to him.  The muufukka has been on point too.  But shit, he's a third generation doctor.  Bitch better know his shit. 

So, after falling asleep in the room for a bit, a nurse comes and takes my vitals and tells me the "the doctor will see you shortly".  Bitch comon.  This nigga couldn't even get to class on time when he only had a 2pm lecture on Wednesdays.  Carl comes in and daps a nigga up.  We chat for a while, then I strip and let him do his thing.  Our friendship has always been brotherly.  No attraction between us whatsoever.  Just my nigga. 

I explained to Carl that I had been having some discomfort in my abdomen.  More like some abnormal tightness.  Nigga finished his exam and then checked my abs.  After taking longer than I thought he should have, he said that there was some swelling and he felt something he didn't like.  Da Fukk????

To fast forward ya'll up to date (and to avoid crying this morning), Carl has referred me to a urologist to do some testing.  Pictures of my abs, prostate, balls, shit, everything.  They are looking for cancer.  The potential good news is that the antibiotics Carl prescribed me have addressed the discomfort, as he hoped, potentially meaning that I just had some kind of infection.  Anyway, I go to my photo shoot (LOL).  This week. 

At one point, a nigga was crying everyday, but it is whatever it is.  Nervous as hell, but believing that I got a lot more to do here on this jacked up planet.  Will keep ya'll up to date.  Pray for a nigga...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


By the way, this shit is pretty hot.  The skinny bitch gets on my nerves.  But I love watchin that other one squirt all over the place.  Shyt is wonderful.  


Bring Ya'll Up to Speed....

A lot has happened.  Even more is happening.... And I'm pretty sure things are gonna get bananas pretty soon.  So let's see if I can bring ya'll niggas up to speed in 100 words or less.  Oh.....and bitches.

So lemme see if I can sum this shit up like I'm in middle 250 words or less.

Gargamel and I decided to call a truce.  Got kids that want their daddy home.  We make the shit work...sometimes we like each other, sometimes I just gotta smoke.  Da green can make da meanest bitch seem attractive for a few minutes anyway.  Real talk...bein civil with a bitch doesn't negate the fact that I still love my niggas.

The kids are doin well.  A lotta major drama is over.  And they are focused on school.  Basketball season is over and we're into football.  Baby girl is playing tennis.  Proud of them lil muufukkas.

Renee is still crazy as fuck.  Bitch still tryna get married.  Been a minute.

Kevin and I kick it every now and then.  Smoke more than fuck. 

Kwasi fell of the diet bandwagon.  But I think he's on the upswing.  Nigga got a new gig.  Gon get paid.  Ole fukka!

Haven't heard from K (the pen pal), but I'm gonna reach out.

In a nutshell, things have been crazy.  Home is a work in progress.  My health is something I'll talk about later (not what ya'll nosey bitches think....LOL).  My mother isn't doin too well either.  Minstry is off the chain.  And trust a nigga, a whole lotta shit is comin.

216 words BIATCH!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What Do Ya'lll Think???

So the last time I wrote anything, it was Father's Day.  I was getting ready to get dressed and go to church, and eventually just try to get some rest.  So much has happened since then.  It's not like it went by fast.  I'm in one of the strangest places in my life.  Some things have been bad.......crazy......fukked up.  The university released me because of  "budget issues".  Haven't been able to find a job, so of course, my household income is a bit lower.  My mama hasn't been well.  That shit is another fukkin post.  My health is being challenged.  A nigga been busy tendin to a bunch a shit, to say the muufukkin least.

Not everything has been that bad.  Kids are great.  School back in session and they are doing their thing.  Couldn't be more proud.  Gargamel and I had a few LONG ass conversations and decided that we were gonna be civil toward each other and may even consider tryna see if this shit will work.


While I have had plenty to talk about, I do realize that my blog was simply based on my fukked up relationship.  I've been wondering.....SHIT!  If we work things out, I don't have shit to write about.
The reality is that whatever decision we make, I can't make my feelings or desires go away. (*** Ms. Annonymous.....I know you already have a reply prepared for me telling me how I need to fess up.....LEAVE ME ALONE!!).  lol

Just trying to make sure my shit would be relevant.  Would folks still read?  Would I be bogged down with a bunch of self-righteous niggas and bitches that wanna lecture me and shyt?

That's why I haven't written.  What do ya'll think? Would you still read?