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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just a Silly Bitch...

Sometimes I wonder what goes through people's minds when it comes to separation and divorce.  I'm starting to think that my way of handling things must be completely ass-backwards.  Of course, Gargamel and I are taking each other through some stupid shit.  Hell, our separation and pending divorce have already put the kids in a weird and uncomfortable place.  So I'm thinkin that we prolly don't need to do any extra shit to fuck them up.  Apparently, that's not the way things are supposed to be done.  Cuz this bitch is wildin out every chance she gets.  Whenever she gets off one chain, she finds another one to jump on and off again.

Now here's the list of Gargamel attempts to fuck with a nigga.

An angry bitch asks me to leave my crib......
A greedy bitch asks me to continue to pay for the car she drives that I OWN....
A vindictive bitch gets me fired from my job.....
A stupid bitch gets my truck towed......
A sneaky bitch is tryna use my kids to manipulate me....

And on top of that, a bitch is mad that I've moved on.....REALLY???? Where da fukk to they do that??

Now.....I get it.  I played my part.  Let the marriage dissolve to a really low level of fucked-up-ness; Fucked up so we would eventually be forced to split.  I get it.  But when are adults supposed to think about their children??  Some things have already happen.  I don't understand why bitches are determined to make the lives of their children worse.  Tellin them shit that should be discussed between adults; talkin to them negatively about their father;  tryna make them choose.

On the flip side.  I never say anything to my children about Gargamel's sick ass mindset.  I never make negative comments.  I may smirk when they tell me some of the stupid shit she does.  But I support her and defend her to our children.

Hopefully some of this dumb shit will go away.  I hope the bitch realizes that I'm not gonna give her the attention she seeks.  I'm not gonna respond to dumb shit.  And when she pulls inappropriate, bitch shit, another bitch of mine is gonna be callin her.  The one with ESQUIRE at the end of her name.  And HER ASS is one fine ass, sexy, intelligent, eloquent, cut-yo-fukkin-throat, vindictive, win-at-all-cost type bitch.

Keep playin Gargamel.  Silly bitch.


  1. some people will never come into their own, to see better for everyone else in spite of what's happening with them. the lack of care for what the children are exposed to [verbally, for starters...] speaks volumes. "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" is a very true statement. she doesn't know any better & merely reflects the behavior of her mother, who subjected her father to the same shit she thinks you should(have) accepted - like he has [probably] for years. consider the source in all of this & allow that to be your guide. you will NOT be denied all that you deserve & desire...for yourself AND your children! harmony's on the horizon...see it!


  2. going through some real nigga shit there...It always cracks me up when I think of that cartoon Gargamel! Does she know you call her that?


  3. Being young and unmarried...I can only imagine.

    There are a few studies out there that say (paraphrasing like a mutha fucka here) women going through a divorce see their husband in their children, and that can be why they don't try to guard their feelings. Some even begin to mistreat them.

  4. Just showing some love on your blog! Its one of the most entertaining and interesting ones I've come across...and thanks for all the love on mine! MUAH!

    1. Dat Salacious Vixen.....Thanks babe. Just saw this. Had been debating as to whether or not I would continue writing. Time will tell. Thanks for the love tho.

    2. Please write when you can. Your journey helps lots of us. And our prayers are with you. Brudder.