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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Where Da Fukk Do I Start???

So a whole lotta shit has happened.....

A nigga has been real quiet for the last 6 months or so.  Mom's death really fukked me up.  Didn't know I would be so damn jacked over that shit.  On top of that, a lotta shit has been goin on.  So lemme try to give ya'll this shit in a nutshell.

Aiight first, my mama passed and that shook my fukkin world.  She was my rock, my support system, my friend, my inspiration.  Don't know how I will ever get over losing her.  Of course a nigga knew eventually that shit would happen.  But this was unexpected and sudden.  I couldn't have prepared for this.  Shit sent me into a downward spiral that I'm still not sure I've recovered from.  Just takin shit from day-to-day. 

Meanwhile back at da muufukkin ranch, Gargamel and I are finally done.  Shit got progressively worse between us.  When my mama got sick, a bitch wasn't supportive, and was even more nasty.  I mean....fucked up, inappropriate comments, shade when I went to visit mi mama, just a bunch a nasty shit that doesn't make a bitch seem any more attractive to her husband.  On top of that, I haven't been the nicest muuhfukka in the world towards her stupid ass either.  Just angry and bitter.  Tired of the fuckedupness in our relationship, and prolly angry that my punk ass was too punk to just dip da fukk out.  Well, I finally got my motivation.  Bitch asked me to leave.  She saw an email that I sent to my lady friend (refer to 'Still Love Da Pussy'), and flipped.  I guess I was wrong for leaving that shit open on purpose.  I knew it would spark some shit and open the door for a nigga to leave.  Punk move, but a desparate move that worked, nonetheless.  Don't judge me, cause ya'll niggaz and bitches are still reading.  So I'm living with a frat brother for a minute until my place is ready.

Oh yeah, pick your mouths up off da floor.  I have a lady friend that I'm really feeling.  We go back and have quite a bit of history.  Actually, she should have been the one.  The relationship wasn't even physical.  We both damn near hate our spouses and leaned heavily on each other now.  Can't say it won't go there.  A nigga ain't had any ass or dick.  Maybe I'm in a season where I'm not interested.  But I am all excited about da pussy. 

Let's see.....what else??  Renee is engaged, and I may be in the wedding.  LOL.  Fuck ya'll.

Stephen and I don't really talk anymore......just been busy.

No sexual shit to talk about.  Just life continuing. 

Sooooooo, I'm thinking I'm gonna close this chapter, and start a new blog.  I'm not trapped with Gargamel anymore, but I'm gonna go into a whole new phase of shit with her that will make for some good reading.  The kids are doing great and always give me new shit to post.  I think I may write about this young lady....not sure.

How many of ya'll nosey bitches would stay with me?  Or should I hang up da fukkin pen?  So I need your help.  what should I call the new blog??  whacha think?

Send me your thoughts.  Also, what's your opinion on a new name?  Gonna have ya'll help me.

Anyway, that's it.   A nigga is back, if ya'll are interested.