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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ripping a white girl -

Ripping a white girl -

Ya'll might not like this, but he is fuckin da shyt outta this white girl.  Some creative shyt goin on.  Enjoy.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Not a Bad Way to Start the Morning...

Woke up this morning and couldn't go back to sleep.  This one helped me push a good one out.

hot shit right here -

Saturday, July 14, 2012

To Be or Not to Be....Just Make Up Your Fukkin Mind!!

I haven't really been in the life long enough to assume that I know everything to expect and can appropriately respond to every piece of drama that might come up in a muufukka's life.  But I know this.....some shit is basic, common sense, and doesn't have to be gender or gender-loving specific.  I'm thinkin that whether you like dick and ass, pussy, dick ass and pussy....whatever yo steelo is, behavior is behavior.  And you don't have to change everything about yo ass just to look the part.  I'm just sayin.  If a nigga decides that he likes dick all of a sudden, does he have to start actin like a bitch???  And I don't necessarily mean a woman.  If a nigga was a defensive tackle yesterday, with a deep ass muufukkin voice, and like to play spades and dominoes, does wantin some dick mean that now he has to hate football, and now he only plays UNO and does fukkin needlepoint?  Comon people.

Trust me.  I'm not mad at any form of homosexual or lesbian.  I understand that some niggas and bitches been hidin who da fukk they really were and were waitn to bust a move.  But some niggas just need to stop pullin the Jeckyl and Hyde shit.  If you are gonna carry a Prada purse, carry that shyt like you don't give a fuck.  Don't carry that shit on the gay side of town and then you wanna be a metrosexual when you get around other niggas.  I'm just sayin.  You're not gonna be LaFayette around some of us, and muufukkin The Rock around the rest of us (uhhhhh, well.....bad example, cuz THAT nigga.....nevermind). 

Now before all of the feminine niggas jump in my shit.....I know that sometimes you have to tone your shit down for several reasons....workplace and all that shit.  I got it.  But I'm proud of the niggas and bitches that are on their grind, and still bein who they are.  The butch bitch might cover her tatts and might not try to fuck on da gig, but she still hard, WHILE keepin it professional.  The feminine nigga ain't cat walkin to the mail room, but he WILL READ that supervisor who needs his shit gotten together, cause he is a thorough bitch. 

Anyway, that shit was on my mind today as I went to Subway to get a sandwich and saw this lil feminine nigga try to harden up when he saw some big basketball muufukkas come in.  Nigga was all embarrassed.  I told him, "Nigga, you are in here makin yo paper boo.  Fuck them no job, bad English speakin, fine ass, big dick print havin.....well that's beside the point.  SHIT!  Be your muufukkin self."  Needed to encourage that lil bitch.  LOL.

That shit made me laugh again.  I'm goin to bed.  Where da fukk did I put that J?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ain't Gargamel a BITCH???

It seems like every time I try to find a spot to start, I get stuck.  So I've decided to just pick up right where I am, and randomly throw old shit in there in an effort to get you up to speed on the shyt that has been goin on in my life.  I thought I was gonna change the name of the blog, but at the end of the day, I'm still "TRAPPED" with Gargamel's retarted ass.  We still gotta raise our kids together.  I do, however, feel more driven to "them", rather than "him".  A spic is still just as crazy about the pussy as he is the dick and the ass.  Oh is what it is.

So I figured I would update ya'll muuhfukkas on Gargabitch.  Since, that shit is gonna be some random, crazy, ever-changing drama, I think I need to give ya'll the 411 on the latest and greatest in the best nutshell a nigga can come up with. 

First, the bitch asked me to leave, which was what I wanted to do anyway.  But she took the liberty of packing my shit and acting like I couldn't be trusted in my own crib.  Telling people that she didn't trust me and that I might come and steal things from the house.  BITCH REALLY??? You mean like my shit?  My draws?  My stuff?? 

She was real nasty to a nigga when I was livin with my frat brother.  But the shit took a twist when I finally got my own place.  My kids love the new spot.  It's small, but they are happy that there is a place that they can come chill with dad.  I can't count the number of times I get 830 or 9pm calls asking for me to come get them.  Now Gargamel wants to be quiet, ole bitch.  I don't know why she wants to flip shit now.  I don't want anything from her fucked up ass.  Just equal time with my kids.  She can have the crib, and all the other shit. 

But as I sit here thinking about the original reason for comparing a bitch to Gargamel, a few thoughts come to mind.  I mean....look at him.


Gargamel is an old ass failed sorcerer who spends the rest of his life trying fuck shit up for the smurfs -- that's her ass.

Gargamel's hair is balding -- that represents her inability to make clear and appropriate decisions, cause she's so hell bent on fukkin with lil blue creatures that don't mean shit--that's her ass!!

Gargamel's clothes are torn and patched up -- that represents all of the shit that she has surrounded herself with that is now falling apart because she is so determined to stay a mean, stupid, pathetic bitch.

Gargamel's cat, Azriel, represents that old unwanted pussy that nobody wants.  Not because of attraction, but because her attitude makes her an ugly, disgruntle, stupid lookin biatch.

Ain't that some shyt??

What cartoon character does YOUR ex remind you of??